About Us
WE plan, WE create, YOU enjoy!

About WOOTS! Event

WOOTS! Event (in short W.E) offers event planning services to from outdoor personal parties to corporate team building, educational/training camps.
WOOTS! Event, your outdoor specialist.

We believe that all event should ends with a “W.E” , where all participants feels united through a memorable joy, fun, and emotional bonding which they would not be able to otherwise achieve in their daily routine.

Be it for corporates, friendship or junior learning. It’s the human connection and bonding to achieve greater goods!


  • Any type of events inclusive minor or major, internally to the company staff or externally towards their consumer.
  • WOOTS! Event will be one stop station that offers the best service and quality product to our potential clients. We will also filter suppliers in Malaysia that provide excellent services with a good attitude.
  • Provide event planners that create unique and make impossible events possible.


W.E create bridge to connects people, by the people, for the people.


Woots! Event is an A to Z event planning provider with commitment of valuable quality services and create purposeful events.

W.E. create values beyond events with the spirit of TEAM-PRENEURSHIP.
Zoey Chai
Founder and CEO of WOOTS! Event, Event Planner
Nsons Tan
Co-Founder Finance and Business Development
Lai Shuan Jin
Operation Director
Celyn Chee
Creative Director
Kvis Wong
Operation Executive
teck yue
Lau Teck Yue
Operation Executive
Who Can W.E Serve
Individual (kids, teens, youth, adult, elderly, couple)
Company history

2019 Dec
Established and registered. The 90’s founder start up an event company supported by a group of people. Take courage to start up something small.
2020 January
First event: Grand opening with best friend for Mary Kay pink office. One man show for half day event with supports.
2020 February
Programme created and shared to contacts. Two investor and partner join us as a team.