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WOOTS! Event
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Package W.E Included:-

– Vendor selection
– Venue selection
– Budget Planning
– Planning and Marketing Smeline
– PR
– Event styling
– Entertainment
– New Gimmicks

People Who Need It:-

– School
– Corporate
– Organization
– Individual
– Group

Virtual Event
Package W.E Included:-

– Event Coordination and execution
– Website landing page and apps software
– Marketing and ticketing
– Check-ins and Live streaming
– Studio and IT support
– Production team
– Entertainment
– Animation Design

Services Provided For:-

– Virtual Conference / Webinar
– Virtual Performance and Show
– Product launch (Premium)
– Virtual Exhibition / Mall
– Virtual Team Building
– Virtual Training
– Virtual Networking

People Who Need It:-

– Group
– Corporate
– Oganization
– Property
– Fashion Industry
– Any roles that need these services

Team mental health is organisation wealth! Woots! program creates team awareness among members, participants would experience a series of team challenges that involve everyone’s participation. Woots! facilitators use experiential learning methods to enhance participants’ experience and they are able to transfer program’s outcomes back to organization.


W.E Customized For You!

– Customized learning and goal setting for the team
– Provide new and latest game list to choose
– Fun and engaging team builder / facilitator
– Experiential learning from self and the team
– Post Event: Follow up with client – Share what they learn/tought
– Boost team morale
– Combat loneliness
– Increase productivity
– Increase collaboration
– Strengthen team relaSonship
– Improve communication in difficult time
– Increase motivation
– Mental strength
– Positive reinforcement

People Who Need It:-

– School
– Group
– Corporate
– OrganizaSon
– Individual

expert VA2
Expert Virtual Assistant
Package W.E Included:-

– Landing page and registration
– eDM with email
– Track assistant
– Event coordinator
– Set-up and set-down together with analytical report
– ApplicaSon and marketing survey

Services Provided For:-

– Live webinar
– Zoom conference
– Facebook or Youtube live
– Exhibition
– Show [Fashion/Car]
– Meeting , Townhall Meeting
– Room tour or showcase
– Team building
– Travel

People Who Need It:-

– People who going to organize event but lack of management
– Corporate
– OrganizaSon
– Indidvidual

Groundsite Management.jpg
Package W.E Included:-

– Operation team
– Management team
– Sales and marketing
– Camp Consultation
– Customized camp programme for campers
– Trainer provided
– Provide accommodaSon, F&B, safety aids


People Who Need It:-
– Campsite/Venue owner

Camp Programme
Package W.E Included:-

– Vendor selection
– Accommodation
– F&B
– Customized activities and games [indoor and outdoor]
– Provide educational elements
– Provide transoportation, safety aids

Types/Selection of Camp:-

– School personal challenge
– Leadership camp
– Senior reSrement camp
– OrganizaSon camp
– Teen/Youth Annual camp
– Student cultural exchange
– InternaSonal camp exchange
– Community services @ villages

People Who Need It:-

– School
– Corporate
– OrganizaSon
– Group
– Community

Why Us
A-to-Z Planning, one-stop physical and virtual event organizer
Detailed preparation and resilience to last minute changes
Experienced facilitator, trainer and event crew
Unique ideas applicable to different group and event

WOOTS! Event host you differently for an event, create special programme that beats your heart, because we only live once. Our goal is to get it right for you and all participants walk home with an amazing experience.

WOOTS! Event treats all our clients like VIPs and provide extra services. We will place ourselves into their shoes to look at the objectives and event experiences.

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