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WOOTS! Event
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Vendor selection, venue selection, budget planning, timeline planning, public relations and marketing, event styling, entertainment and other new gimmicks available.

· Treasure hunt
· Team race
· Outdoor sport events
· MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Exhibition)
· Townhall
· Entertainment events
· Annual dinner/award ceremonies

From RM1,000 onwards

Suitable to:
School | Corporates

Camp Programme
Vendor selection, accommodation, food and beverage, activities (indoor/outdoor), educational material, transportation, safety aids, etc.

· School personal challenge/team building camp
· Corporate team building/leadership camp
· Senior retirement camp
· Organization camp
· Teen/Youth Annual Camp
· Student cultural exchange
· Community services @ villages
· International camp exchange

RM150 per person onwards

Suitable to:
Schools | Corporates | Groups

woots training 1

Vendor selection that suits corporate (urban/classic style), accommodation, food and beverage, activities (indoor/outdoor), training (indoor/outdoor), transportation, safety aids, souvenirs, etc.

· Corporate training (Human behavior and work style, communication, team work)
· School training (Motivation, leadership, discipline)
· Mentorship (Goal setting, one to one consultation)

RM300 per person onwards

Suitable to:
Individual | Corporates

Groundsite Management.jpg
As camp operator and management team, sales and marketing, camp consultation.

· Campsite (Accommodation, restaurant, outdoor facilities)

Upon request and needs

Suitable to:
Venue Owner

Virtual Event
Website Landing Page, Marketing/ Ticket, Check-ins/ Live Streaming, Pre-show, behind the scene, preview after event, Studio and IT support, Production Team, Entertainment.

· Virtual Conference
· Webinar (knowledge and information)
· Virtual Performance and Show
· Product Launch (Premium)
· Virtual mall/ Exhibition
· Virtual Team-Building

Team mental health is organisation wealth! Woots! program creates team awareness among members, participants would experience a series of team challenges that involve everyone’s participation. Woots! facilitators use experiential learning methods to enhance participants’ experience and they are able to transfer program’s outcomes back to organization.

W.E. do : 
· Goal Setting – Customised learning and goal setting for the team.
· Team Activity – Interactive team activity.
· Team Work – Team communication and synergy.
· Team Bonding – Together to win!
· Outcomes of VTB
· Team bonding from home, understand your teammates.
· Figure out team issues and strengthen team relationships.
· Continue to engage your team and get them mentally ready to work

Why Us
Plan from A-Z, one stop outdoor specialize event organizer
Detailed preparation and resilience to last minute changes
Experienced facilitator, trainer and event crew
Unique ideas applicable to different group and event

WOOTS! Event host you differently for an event, create special programme that beats your heart, because we only live once. Our goal is to get it right for you and all participants walk home with an amazing experience.

WOOTS! Event treats all our clients like VIPs and provide extra services. We will place ourselves into their shoes to look at the objectives and event experiences.