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XTS & Sinma Annual Dinner

– Woots! Services Provided –
Coordination, Design Visuals, Decor Setup, Liaise with Venue, Emcee, Crew, etc, Scout for vendors/partners, Marketing Plan

Coordinator: Eddy
Styler: Kai
Operation Crew: Mikky, Sing Yee, Annie, Jia Hau, Chan Yo, Cheok Ding Wei, Carmen Chin
Emcee: Charmaine Chew
Ticketing: Ticket2u
Partner: Connors/Carslberg, JDE World of Coffee, Amazin Graze, Lays PepsiCo, P&G
Supporter: Kose, Munchy’s, BOH, JDE, Etika, Beplain, ⁠Tefal
Production: VMission Studio
Performers: Dennis Lau, Vinn Pang, Virus Waackers Dance Crew
Printing Supplier: U Creative, Kimyka Trading